Due to CORONAVIRUS and following the advise of HM Government

it is with regret that Hope Sports Club pavilion, playground

and adult gym are currently closed until further notice.



There is currently a position of secretary at Hope Sports Club.

We are a not for profit charity and the position is for the good of the community (i.e. unpaid).

If you are interested
please contact the Chair (chair@hopesportsclub.co.uk)

or the Treasurer (treasurer@hopesportsclub.co.uk).




The first phase of the project to replace the children’s playground with new equipment is now complete, and we are now raising funds for the second phase.  If you would be willing to help raise money, please write to the Chair at chair@hopesportsclub.co.uk or the Treasurer at treasurer@hopesportsclub.co.uk.


Hope Sports Club was founded in 1944 with the object of providing facilities for recreation and leisure for the residents of the villages of Hope, Aston and Brough, in Hope Valley, Derbyshire. Hope Sports Club is a registered charity, no. 507995, with most of the funding to run the Club being raised from car boot sales, which are held on the Hope Playing Field every other Sunday morning between April and October  The money raised by the charity is used to maintain the pavilion and the field, to provide and maintain a children’s playground and adult outdoor gym, to organize recreational events for residents throughout the year, including Wakes Week, and to support groups who wish to use the facilities.

Hope Sports Club will take action to ensure that our public meetings and events are open and welcoming to all.